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New Zealand Voice – October 2017 (#3) [digital]

New Zealand Voice – October 2017 (#3) [digital]

The Ancient Māori–Celtic Connection

For thousands of years, history, genealogies, stories, and mythology needed to be memorised by rote and gruelling repetition. While ‘accepted’ modern history now recognises Māori as the indigenous people of New Zealand, the oral traditions of Māori themselves have much to say about the fair-skinned, red-haired people who occupied the land when they first arrived here.

In this month's issue, New Zealand Voice examines the remarkable parallels between traditional Māori and Celtic mythologies, and the indelible influence that this original – now, taboo – tangata whenua left on the descendents of Kupe who replaced them.

  • Was Tasman The First?
  • Behind The Steam: Glenbrook Vintage Railway
  • Ghost Ship Reveals! U-196 Part III

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Digital download (PDF), 68 pages.

(also available in print)