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New Zealand Voice – Autumn 2018 (#5) [digital]

New Zealand Voice – Autumn 2018 (#5) [digital]

Are Local Governments Poisoning Our Water Supplies?

The ‘father of public relations’, Edward Louis Bernays, is associated with many dubious campaigns by American corporations, from anti-communist propaganda culminating in the CIA's 1954 coup d'état in Guatemala, through to paid protesters portraying cigarette smoking by women as a sign of female liberation. Not least on his list of achievements was his successful campaign in the 1950's to implement mass water fluoridation in the US, despite fervent opposition from leading doctors, researchers, and even the Public Health Service.

Yet while reason and common sense have now negated many of Bernays' marketing ploys, one – fluoridation – has been remarkably persistent in the New Zealand psyche, with legitimate concerns of scientists regarding the potential for overdose being downplayed by vague appeals to ‘best practice’ (despite even the European Union having only country that implements universal water fluoridation) and accusations of paranoia against anyone who questions the status quo.

In this month's issue of New Zealand Voice, we investigate the history of water fluoridation, and ask the question – is fluoride just another one of Bernays' cons?

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