The Quiet Forest: The Case Against Aerial 1080

The Quiet Forest: The Case Against Aerial 1080

by Fiona M. F. McQueen

Alone among nations, New Zealand allows itself to be saturated with the deadly poison 1080, which indiscriminately kills creatures that require oxygen – deer, dogs, insects, possums, fish, birds, etc. Many of these suffer horrible deaths, with the victim writhing around in pain for many hours.

In New Zealand it is the government's Department of Conservation that is the force behind this universal killing programme as, crusader-like, it turns more and more the conservation estate as well as other areas into killing fields by its periodic blitzkriegs of dropped 1080 – allegedly to kill rates and possums in the interest of native birds but, in fact, killing native birds as well.

This environmental crime, backed by powerful forces and carefully contrived propaganda, is exposed in this thought provoking book, which should make every reader uneasy and this wholesale and unnecessary massacre of living things in the bush, causing a great quietness to fall over the formerly noisy and bustling forest in the wake of every 1080 drop.

Paperback, 232 pages (plus images/maps).