One Treaty, One Nation

One Treaty, One Nation

The Book Every New Zealander Should Read

175 years ago our forebears brougth forth a new nation, conceived in trust and dedicated to the proposition that all New Zealanders would be one people, living under the same law. But for the last 40 years we have been under relentless pressure to divide the country into two groups - iwi and the rest of us.

Back in 1975 Waitangi Day and the Treaty of Waitangi Act were set up to foster a sense of nationhood and a greater awareness of the Treaty as a symbol that embraces us all. What we got instead was years of protest and vitriol while billions of dollars have been taken from everyone and handed over to private tribal trusts.

How did we get to this? Eight authors from a variety of political backgrounds - Hugh Barr, Don Brash, Mike Butler, Reuben Chapple, Peter Cresswell, Bruce Moon, John Robinson and David Round - explain it in this new, groundbreaking book - One Treaty, One Nation. They say:

  • Before 1840 was a veritable shambles
  • There is only one Treaty
  • Colonisation brought benefits and not disaster
  • Treaty "partnership" and "principles" are pure fiction
  • Maori sovereignty is the enemy of democracy and equality
  • The country's name is being changed by stealth
  • Indoctrination is closing the nation's mind
  • The Maori seats in Parliament have long passed their use-by date
  • The Waitangi Tribunal is causing such harm that it must be abolished
  • Treaty settlements enrich the pale-faced tribal elite without helping others
  • We are losing our beaches to the tribal elite
  • Wealthy and commercial tribes pay no tax
  • Local government is being tribalised by stealth

Paperback, 314 pages (plus photos/maps).